Sony SmartBand 2 SWR12 Reviews From Other Regions

  • Useful
  • by gregology / 12/10/2016
  • I bought two of these for my partner and I. We both find them very useful. The battery life is about 36 hours and requires about 30mins to charge which isn't ideal because we're trying to track our sleep patterns. But apart from that, they're great.
  • Excellent Product
  • by curtistaylor@roger / 12/06/2016
  • Works perfectly. No let downs.
  • As promised
  • by Mr. B / 28/09/2015
  • I ordered the sony smartband 2, and I received it just as advertised. No issues so far. Well worth it.
  • Good all round
  • by T.W. Cook / 28/09/2015
  • This is a nice band. The clasp mechanism is simple but secure and while the unit itself is a bit bulky it isn't that obtrusive on your wrist. Battery life is pretty good for having a heart rate monitor (I can make it thru a long weekend on one charge), and the software is well done. This was an upgrade from an UP24 for me, and this is more secure and comfortable, with better software, better bluetooth connectivity, and the waterproofness is a big plus.
  • Great for notifications and pedometer
  • by Anonymous / 22/11/2015
  • Works great as a pedometer and as a vibrating notification for your phone. Honestly, the notification function can't be talked up enough. It's great, especially for those of us with sleeping little babies. The heart rate and stress stuff kills the battery pretty quickly. The battery might last 2 days with the HR monitor on. In "stamina mode" with HR monitor disabled, the battery will last 7 days. It's much more comfortable to wear than my previous Jawbone Up (and the Up 24). I much prefer this over the Apple Watch since I don't have a display on my wrist to obsessively check.