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  • Vinpok Taptek Thinnest Wireless Mac Mechanical Keyboard
  • No delete key makes this keyboard useless for Windows
  • by Nelson / 19/11/2020
  • If you're only using a mac or iPad, then this is a reasonable keyboard. But it is commonly marketed as multi-device, and I bought it to use with multiple machines due to the bluetooth switching capability. However it has no delete key, so the common three finger salute (alt-ctrl-del) is impossible to complete in a Windows environment. Especially frustrating on corporate machines where it is frequently used to trigger a wake from lock-screen, or when using bootcamp on a Mac. Confirmed with support that this was the case, but why they would leave this off a keyboard (it says "delete" but is actually only "backspace") boggles the mind. Instead you get a useless light key and rainbow light function that keeps getting accidentally pressed. Beware before buying that you don't need this key.
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