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How can I know if Im running an original OOS version? [OnePlus 7T Pro Dual-SIM HD1913 - 320965]

whats up all people, so, i restored my lovely op7tp to his unique oxygen os, and i was wondering if there was a way aside from the only in settings ) to know if the firmware i flashed it's original. permit me explain better. i was walking a custom rom rr ) + root, and to get again to stock with locked bootloader ) i flashed an os fastboot version determined on xda publications web pageshowbox of this device. after which from that firmware strolling at the phone i attempted to update thru ota in settings but it failed to observed any updates, so used oxygen updater from play save and it located an update and i did it. so my query is, is there any way to understand if the firmware i am jogging is one hundred oneplus original, and tempered in any manner?usps tracking