AKG N25 Wireless Headphones Black

This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

Brand: AKG / SKU: 315694 / Mfr: AP_akg_n25_black / EAN: 6925281924002

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AKG N25 Wireless Headphones Description

AKG N25 headphones place awesome Hi-Res audio right between your ears, with two perfectly tuned dynamic drivers providing a warm bass response, as well as rich mids and crystal-clear highs. But while these are engineered for award-winning sound, they’re also designed for comfort. The acoustic tube is tilted to take the shape of your ear, and super-soft silicon ear-tips (in 4 different sizes) ensure the headphones fit snugly. Attached to this comes a tangle-free fabric cable with a universal remote/ microphone that puts playback and call controls right at your fingertips, keeping you connected with all your music.

Impedance – 9.8mm 32 Ohm (To update after DV1)

Sensitivity – 98dB@1mW/1kHz

Max Input Powe – r5mW

Frequency Range – 20-40kHz

Cable – 3.5mm/1.2m

Weight – 15g

Shipping Weight: 1.54lb

Technical Details

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AKG N25 Wireless Headphones Reviews

  • akg n25 가 무선? wireless? 확인바랍니다
  • by / 19 March 2020
  • 이것이 무선 이어폰 인가요?
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